In our modern everyday life, it is extremely important to find your brand of cigarettes that fully meets your needs and views. Some people are attracted by flavored cigarettes, others by regular cigarettes. But with a variety of versions, you can easily find your favorite product.

Captain Black cigarettes are in demand for such flavors as cherry and chocolate. They are also available in cigarette case packaging. The brand’s pricing policy is very balanced, and cigarettes are sold in standard and mini packages. A pack contains 20 cigarettes; the mini version contains 8 products. So, the cost of a pack is extremely affordable, the composition includes a tobacco mixture of high-quality tobacco varieties such as Burley, Virginia, cultivated on the sun-warmed soils of Africa, Bulgaria and Brazil, and there is also a certain proportion of oriental varieties.

All these characteristics create a whole complex of uniqueness. You should definitely learn more about the features of this brand, and you will never want to part with it again. It is attractive to tobacco connoisseurs.

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What are Captain Black cigarettes?

The Captain Black brand first became known to many gourmets in 1939. At that time, the company was still selling smoking tobacco. These cigarettes are a real discovery, deep smoke, rich and delicate aroma. Behind the production and concept of the brand is the Lane limited campaign. It is not surprising that this product will win the hearts of even the most sophisticated gourmets, both in their homeland and in European countries, America and partly in Asian countries. Their line boasts a variety of flavors, and the recognition of smokers was not long in coming. Each individual cigarette is a product, a dried leaf of a tobacco plant. This vision creates not only style and tenderness for the tobacco product, but also allows you to completely dissolve in the taste and aroma of the purest first-class tobacco.