L&M is a cigarette brand to buy discount cigarettes online. The name L&M comes from the tobacco company Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, founded in 1873, the predecessor of today’s Liggett Group Inc., in which L&M was originally manufactured. The naming rights of the branded cigarette L&M are currently owned by Philip Morris.

The pack of Blue L&M cigarettes is depending on the type and is called Blue Label, or Red with the addition of Red Label. The classic color of the Red Label cigarette pack is red and white, with a full flavor taste and an American blend of high-quality tobacco varieties. Smokers who prefer a strong aroma get a special smoking experience here. Due to its higher nicotine content, the L&M Red is the stronger variant compared to the L&M Blue and is preferred to buy discount cigarettes online.

The L&M Blue Label in the blue and white cigarette pack has a subtle tobacco aroma. Fine flavor smokers get excellent tobacco enjoyment to buy discount cigarettes online with a subtle, spicy taste. Due to its lower nicotine content, the L&M Blue is the more subtle variant compared to the L&M Red.

The Black Label L&M cigarettes are like all L&M cigarettes equipped with filters. The blend mixture with its strong, spicy taste offers smokers a strong smoking experience after they buy discount cigarettes online.

For menthol lovers, there are the L&M Frost Label cigarettes in our online shop with a balanced tobacco aroma combined with the cool freshness of menthol. Manufactured according to high quality standards from the exquisite tobacco varieties Virginia, Burley and Orient also offers the reduced nicotine content.

Menthol smokers enjoy a subtle smoking pleasure with a spicy, fresh taste after they buy discount cigarettes online.

In our online shop, you will also find the L&M cigarettes without additives: L&M Simply Red and L&M Simply Blue cigarettes without additives to buy discount cigarettes online.