The Parliament brand was created in 1931 and has since captured the hearts of smokers around the world.

The Parliament cigarettes brand was initially positioned as a mid-priced everyday cigarette for young consumers. However, the consistently high quality of Philip Morris products and the appropriate introduction of innovative technology has positioned the Parliament brand of Aqua Blue cigarettes in the premium price category.

Currently, the target group for Parliament cigarettes series is men and women between the ages of 21 and 50. The cigarettes are characterized by their sharp, pungent flavor, but low nicotine and tar content, easy smoking, and good taste. Parliament’s uniqueness lies in its innovative technology and top quality tobacco, which guarantees Parliament’s unparalleled reputation. Parliament has always been at the forefront of the tobacco industry, offering new flavors and improved products to its fans.

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What are Parliament cigarettes?

The unique feature of Parliament cigarettes is the elongated filter with mouthpiece-like holes. The manufacturer claims that this design allows you to enjoy the flavors of the tobacco components and the pre-cooled, hot smoke. Buyers like it! The brand of Parliament cigarettes is recognizable by its classically styled cardboard packaging. Inside the white package is a large blue rectangle with the brand’s logo printed on it, making it stand out among a sea of competing products. More information about Philip Morris products can be found in our online cigarette store. We sell our certified products at retail and wholesale. Australian domestic delivery.