There is currently no specific legislation that covers the use of e cigarettes across the whole European Union, although that could be about to change as the EU is currently debating the possibility is passing legislation on the sale and use of e cigarettes.

Until any Europe wide legislation is introduced, member states can set their own regulations as to buying e cigarettes in Europe.

Here are some country specific regulations on the use of E Cigs

  • Austria Electronic cigarettes are regarded as a medical product, and therefore need to be registered before being sold to the public.
  • Belgium The sale of E Cigs is banned in Belgium.
  • Denmark Here it is illegal to buy smokeless cigarettes. The marketing and distribution of them is also banned.
  • Finland Sale of cartridges is illegal, although it is legal to import them for personal use over the Internet.
  • Germany It is currently legal to buy and use electronic cigarettes in Germany, although they have been classed as a medical device in some states.
  • Netherlands Legal to use and purchase, but advertising of E Cigs is banned.
  • Norway The sale or importation of electronic cigarettes is illegal.

Any Europe wide legislation would cover all 27 countries in the European Union.

Suppliers of E Cigarettes in Europe

Europeans have benefited from Electronic Cigarettes for several years.

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E Cigarette Direct

started in 2008 supplying e cigarettes to customers in the UK & Europe. Although they also ship to the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and much of Europe, E Cigarette Direct is mainly targeting the UK & European Electronic Cigarette Market.

E Cigarette Direct is a member of ECITA, the electronic cigarette association.

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V2Cigs are the US largest e cigarette company and are now shipping directly to the UK and European Countries. They recently have added a cool new feature on their website which shows you the estimated ship time for your products.

has recently released some new updates to both their product line and also to their website by providing a lot of information about their products.

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European lawmakers: good news and bad news for e-cigarettes

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The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, has approved comprehensive tobacco regulations to curb smoking in Europe. The rules include a ban on menthol cigarettes and new restrictions on electronic cigarettes.

The law isn’t final it still has to be reviewed by other branches of the European Union’s government. But its passage means that a the hotly contested debate over tobacco products in Europe is finally nearing an end.

Defenders of the smokeless tobacco product, speaking to the New York Times , cheered Parliament’s decision to spare e cigarettes from a proposal to regulate them as medical devices, which would have restricted their sale to pharmacies in some countries.

But the measure imposed stricter limits on advertising in Europe, a subject that is sure to be controversial in the U.S. as well.

The European vote is a step in the right direction” Craig Weiss, the CEO of NJOY, a market leader in the American e cigarette market wrote in an email. “At the same time, we are concerned about the proposed advertising restrictions. It is critical that companies like NJOY be able to fully inform tobacco smokers that they have an alternative.

American tobacco companies have endured tough advertising restrictions since 1970, including a ban on television advertising that does not extend to e cigarettes. E cigarette makers, taking advantage of the current lack of regulation, have expanded their marketing efforts. In the first quarter of 2013, according to Kantar Media, spending on e cigarette advertising rose to $15.7 million in the U.S., up from $2 million in the same period last year.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will not regulate electronic cigarettes as medical devices either, but it has set a deadline to begin the process of regulating them as tobacco product by the end of October, a deadline that could be pushed back by the government shutdown. TIME explored the coming regulations in an investigation in September. Restrictions on print, radio, and television advertising are a possibility.