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What are electronic cigarettes?

If you want to know what electronic cigarettes are, this site has a great range available. They consist of an inhaler which looks like a normal cigarette, but runs off a battery. What s unique about the e cigarette is that they do not contain carbon monoxide, tar, or the 4000 chemicals found in a normal cigarette. This means many people believe they are a healthier alternative to smoking. However, the user still gets the real smoking experience because of the fact that the e liquid (the substance inside the electronic cigarette) gives the user the nicotine fix that they require. In fact, it even has the same taste as normal cigarettes, and provides smoke (a harmless vapour) when inhaled.

What is an electronic cigarette made up of?

An electronic cigarette is made up of a rechargeable battery, an atomiser and a cartridge. E liquid is required to create vapour. This e liquid contains the nicotine and the flavour of the vapour, so is vital for the function of the e cig. There are many flavours to choose from, including chocolate, vanilla, peach, coffee and also traditional cigarette flavours.

Are electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative to traditional smoking?

As previously mentioned, electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the chemicals that are found in normal cigarettes. This means many will say that are a healthier alternative to smoking.

E cigarettes have other benefits, too. Firstly, they don t leave behind any stale smells. Your hair will smell smoke free, as well as your car, your home and so on! They are also harmless to people around you, so you have no need to worry about second hand smoke.

Are electronic cigarettes cost effective?

Electronic cigarettes only require an initial investment of the kit, followed by the cost of the e liquid. The cost of e liquid is far cheaper than packets of cigarettes and in general you can assume that a refill of e liquid lasts the same as around fifteen to twenty cigarettes.

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Camel (cigarette) – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Camel cigarettes come in the following varieties

USA varieties edit

Camel Non filter
Camel Filters
Camel Filters Wides
Camel Filters 99’s
Camel Blue (Lights)
Camel Blue Wides (Lights)
Camel Blue 99’s (Lights)
Camel Platinum (Silver) (Ultra Lights)
Camel Platinum (Silver) 99’s (Ultra Lights)
Camel Menthol
Camel Menthol Wides
Camel Menthol Silver (Lights)
Camel Menthol Green Wides (Lights)
Camel Crush
Camel Crush Bold
Camel Turkish Royal (full flavor blend)
Camel Turkish Gold (lights blend)
Camel Turkish Silver (ultra lights blend)
Camel No. 9
Camel No. 9 100’s
Camel No. 9 Menthe
Camel No. 9 Menthe 100’s
Kamel Red
Kamel Red Smooth Taste
Camel Wides

Discontinued USA varieties edit

Camel Filter 100’s
Camel Lights 100’s
Camel Signature Infused
Camel Signature Frost
Camel Izmir Stinger
Camel Basma
Camel Dark Mint
Camel Mandarin Mint
Camel Samsun
Camel Cinnzabar
Camel Twist
Camel Screwdriver Slots
Camel Rare
Camel Turkish Jade
Camel Rare Menthol
Camel Mandalay Lime
Camel Aegean Spice
Camel Bayou Blast
Camel Beach Breezer
Camel Margarita Mixer
Camel Midnight Madness
Camel Back Alley Blend
Camel Kauai Kolada
Camel Crema
Camel Twista Lime
Camel Warm Winter Toffee
Camel Winter Mocha Mint
Camel Special Blend Lights
Camel Special Blend Lights 100’s
Camel Signature Mellow
Camel Signature Robust

International varieties edit

Camel Big Orange 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Big Peach 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Big Red 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Big Grape 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Black (More than 20 countries, mainly in Europe)
Camel White (More than 20 countries, mainly in Europe)
Camel Super Lights (South Africa)
Camel Natural (South Africa)
Camel Classic (South Africa)
Camel Filters 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Lights 100’s (Mexico)
Camel Natural (Europe)
Camel Nutty Menthol (Japan)
Camel One (Ukraine)
Camel Orange (Medium) (Ukraine)
Camel Ultra Lights 100’s (Mexico)

Canadian varieties edit

Camel Filters (gold/brown pack 20 cigarettes)
Camel Light (blue pack 20 cigarettes)

Additive free varieties edit

Camel Natural Flavor 8
Camel Natural Flavor 6 Lights
Camel Natural Flavor 4 Ultra Lights

Menthol capsule varieties edit

These varieties contain a small bead in the filter filled with a menthol liquid. When crushed, the liquid is released into the filter giving the smoker an increased menthol flavor.

Camel Crush Camel Light becomes a Camel Menthol Light
Camel Crush Bold Bold becomes menthol
Camel Menthol Adds an additional amount of menthol flavoring to the cigarette.
Camel Menthol Silver (Light) Adds an additional amount of menthol flavoring to the cigarette.

Snus edit

Camel Mellow
Camel Robust
Camel Frost
Camel Winterchill
Camel Mint
Camel Original Portion (Sweden/Norway only)
Camel White Portion (Sweden/Norway only)

Dipping Tobacco edit

Camel Dark Milled (fine cut)
Camel Wintergreen Wide Cut (long cut)
Camel Wintergreen Pouches

See also edit

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  • Camel Trophy

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