Backwoods cigarettes are light miniature items. Delicious Backwoods cigarettes are machine-made shortfilers made from 100% pure tobacco. Delicious Backwoods cigarettes have a dark natural tobacco wrapper.

Backwoods cigarettes had quickly become a bestseller and is now one of the best-known brands in the flavored cigar segment worldwide. They impress with their unique authentic smoking pleasure and their unmistakable look. Backwoods cigarettes are made from 100% natural tobacco. The insert consists of a blend of imported tobaccos from different countries around the world.

With Backwoods cigarettes, you can smoke the feeling of the Caribbean even without palm trees. The mouthpiece is dipped and you can taste it as soon as you put a cigarette in your mouth: the delicate sweetness of vanilla aromas comes through mildly and finely with the Backwoods cigarettes. Backwoods cigarettes already look like freshly turned dowels that have been turned with a tobacco wrapper. For the connoisseurs among you, however, the appearance is not enough. It’s a good thing that the Backwoods cigarettes paper can be opened easily to take out the natural tobacco and fill the blunt with your personal favorite blend. The bracts are brown to dark brown, glossy, fairly moist and beautifully supple. The slow burning speaks for a good quality and the pulling behavior of the backwoods is also impressive. Up to 20 minutes of smoking pleasure are definitely possible with the Backwoods cigarettes.

What are Backwoods cigarettes?

Backwoods cigarettes are made according to a recipe that combines the classic basis of cigarillos of this brand with the most delicate aromatic cocktail. The composition is based on exquisite tobacco of the Dominican Republic, which has been aged for more than 12 years, is strongly saturated and has a noble mild taste. The solo notes of the composition make up the taste of wild honey with its shading bitterness, as well as the natural freshness of ripe wild berries. Thanks to this flavor bouquet, smoking Backwoods cigarettes is a real pleasure, it goes easily and naturally. A skillfully twisted cover sheet with torn edges gives a special zest to the whole process.