The iqos business concept is to develop, manufacture and market alternative smoking products. Iqos (I Quit Ordinary Smoking) is a device that heats special nicotine sticks without burning tobacco, allowing the user to have a pleasant smoking experience. The basic idea is to provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes and help those who wish to stop smoking by providing a less harmful way to consume nicotine. Philip Morris International, the company that created iqos, is actively working to develop and promote the iqos heets Australia wide.

The manufacturer iqos is interested in cooperating with online stores for several reasons: Expanding product availability: Cooperation with online stores allows iqos to reach a wide audience of consumers and increase the availability of iqos heets Australia wide. Customers can easily order iqos heets Australia wide and related accessories online, which is convenient and time-saving.

Global reach: Collaboration with online stores allows iqos to offer its iqos heets Australia wide. This expands the market and creates an opportunity for the company to reach new customers outside of traditional sales channels. Advertising and marketing: Partnering with online stores also provides iqos with a space for effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Online stores can increase product visibility, provide information on product benefits and offer promotions and discounts, attracting more potential customers.

Catering to modern shopping trends: It is increasingly important for companies to adapt to modern shopping habits and trends. Online shopping has become popular among consumers, so the presence of iqos in online stores helps the company to be one step ahead of the competition and meet the demands of modern consumers.

Thus, cooperation with online stores gives iqos the opportunity to increase sales, attract more customers and improve its position in the market. Therefore, our company has become their key partner. Our business policies include loyalty discounts as well. Online store loyalty discounts mean a reduction in the cost of goods or services provided by the store for regular customers or loyalty program members. It is a measure of encouragement and gratitude to the store for the constant purchase or loyalty of the client. Often such discounts are provided through an accumulative system, where the customer receives bonus points or discount coupons that can be used on subsequent purchases. They help save the client’s money and encourage continued cooperation with the online store.