War within the EU European Commission acting against European Parliament s will on e cigarettes

By Dr Farsalinos

It seems that besides a public health disaster, the issue of e cigarette proposals by the European Commission is also a political scandal. It is just 48 days ago that the European Parliament voted for amendment170 concerning e cigarettes regulation. This was supposed to be the basis of any further negotiation, with the goal to make improvement and transform this amendment into regulation. Instead, the European Commission has completely bypassed the will and vote of the Parliament and has introduced a completely new proposal. Here are the main differences between the two proposals

European Parliament maximum nicotine concentration of 30mg/ml

European Commission maximum nicotine concentration of 20mg/ml

European Parliament flavorings allowed

European Commission flavorings banned (except from those present in NRTs)

European Parliament no restriction on refill liquids

European Commission refill liquids banned

European Parliament no restriction on devices

European Commission refillable atomizers banned, only single use cartos allowed

European Parliament no restriction on cross border sales

European Commission cross border sales prohibited

European Parliament request to report list of ingredients and emissions

European Commission e cigarettes should be free from contaminants

European Parliament advertisements prohibited

European Commission advertisements prohibited

It is obvious that the Commission s proposal contradicts almost every aspect of the amendment voted by the Parliament. This should be considered a scandal, shows disrespect towards the will of the MEPs and is an effort to bypass all procedures and implement a strange agenda of illegalizing e cigarettes. For example, they ask that e cigarettes should be free from contaminants while they know that this cannot happen and they know that even pharmaceutical NRTs have nitrosamines (at levels similar to e cigarettes). In any case, they have completely ignored science showing that nicotine is needed for e cigarettes to be effective, users self titrate their nicotine intake and any instructions on dosage are useless, and flavors are an important part in consumers efforts to reduce or quit smoking.

The European Commission is deciding on regulation contrary to Parliament proposals, contrary to scientific findings and contrary to public health interest

Eu compromise to affect e-cigarettes with nicotine

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EU Compromise To Affect E Cigarettes with Nicotine 0comments

The European Parliament voted on February 26th 2014, to adopt a new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) containing language that will significantly affect the e cigarettes with nicotine sold in Europe. If there is any good news in that, it is the fact that things could have been a lot worse. Had it not been for MEPs standing firm against regulating e cigs as medical devices, the compromise reached over last few weeks would not have been possible.

European Voice reports that the TPD will allow electronic cigarettes to be regulated for general sale in the same way as most other consumer products. Individual member states can still decide to require a license for certain e cigarettes to be sold as medical devices should they so choose. As it now stands, the TPD states the following

  • Nicotine levels in e cigarettes will be limited to 20 mg/ml (or 2%)
  • Refillable cartridges will not be banned member states may choose ban individual cartridge types if they can prove justifiable safety concerns for doing so
  • If a particular type of cartridge is banned by at least three EU member states, it will then be unilaterally banned throughout Europem without need for further legislative action.

European Voice did not give a specific date for compliance in their report on the parliament vote. They did say that the EU would give all member states a reasonable amount of time to make whatever adjustments are necessary in their respective countries. The deadline is widely expected to be by the first half of 2016.

Where This Leaves Vapers

We d always hoped that the European Union would not restrict the sale of e cigs, and we re relieved to see that it won t. Certain factions within the EU have been intent on stamping out the e cigarette industry, ever since it became obvious that it would not fade away on its own. Thankfully the TPD rules allow for the continued availability of e cigarettes post 2016, albeit with new rules.

So where does that leave things? All the committed e cigarette companies will begin the process of preparing for the incoming TPD rules. VAPESTICK, through our founding membership of ECITA, is thankfully already some way towards already complying with many of the new rules, and we remain committed to continuing the provision of high quality products that fully comply with any new laws.

There is no reason at all why the recent goings on in the EU should discourage anyone from vaping, as either a replacement or supplement to their tobacco habit. We certainly hope the new rules will not encourage any vapers to return to the same level of tobacco consumption they had left behind. Electronic cigarettes remain the very best alternative tobacco product available on the market, despite what some factions of the European Parliament might want us to believe. If you are already a vaper then you will already know that.

VAPESTICK is entirely committed, over the long term, to offering high quality e cigarettes with nicotine and without. We will also continue to offer different models to meet different individual s preferences. As long as our customers want to purchase high quality vaping products and supplies (in accordance with all applicable laws), we will continue to produce and offer them! If you are an adult smoker and haven t yet tried a VAPESTICK, our V1 and V2 Disposable electronic cigarettes are always a great choice for anyone to get started.

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