Pall Mall cigarettes have a long history. The global tobacco industry offers consumers a wide variety of cigarettes. Among them there are those that remain in demand for many decades and will eventually become true legends. With great confidence, we can say that there are few people on the planet who have not heard of the Pall Mall tobacco brand.

The company was founded by the Butler & Butler Company and the first samples of cigarettes went into production back in 1899. Initially, according to the manufacturer’s plans, this premium product was intended for the elite layer of society.

There are 2 versions about the origin of the name of Pall Mall cigarettes: The brand is named after London’s Pall Mall, which during the Victorian era housed many of the clubs frequented by English gentlemen. The brand of Pall Mall cigarettes has repeatedly passed to a new owner. The first time this happened was in 1907. The new owner was American Tobacco. The manufacturer tried and tested the design and innovative ideas of Pall Mall cigarettes. In 1939, a format called “king-size” was invented, in which the length of a cigarette should be 84 mm. Subsequently, it becomes a classic size.

An interesting fact: the brand did not have a filter for a long time, because of this; it began to lag behind its competitors in sales. Equipment with a filter occurred only in 1987. The peak of the brand’s popularity came in 1960. Then Pall Mall cigarettes become the N1 cigarette brand in the United States of America. In those days, gambling advertisements were placed on the packages. This greatly increased sales.

The ideal proportions of the tobacco blend, selected most carefully, and the stuffing of tobacco, carried out using new technologies. Despite the strength of cigarettes, in the process of smoking there are no unpleasant sensations and sore throat. The first cigarettes in the “longs” format (the length was 100 millimeters). In the production of these tobacco products, this size has become the new standard.

The famous iconic logo. The royal lions, supporting the shield on the sides, have become a recognizable element in the design of the pack in the world. Little changes have been made over time. In the classic version, the immortal saying “Per aspera ad Astra” (“Through hardships to the stars”) is applied along the edge of the shield, and along the bottom edge there is a banner with another catchy phrase – “In hoc signo vinces” (“Under this banner you will win” ).