Rothmans cigarettes are representative of true English quality. Everything in this brand of cigarettes is premium; the manufacturer focuses entirely on a vast audience of smokers. Brand products include the best value for money. Taste and aromatic characteristics satisfy the requirements of most smokers – shoppers. There is no future for manufacturers without smokers. It is they who determine its direction and modifications.

So, the base of the brand’s products is tobacco combinations assembled according to old English recipes. A significant part of the added raw materials is high-quality tobacco. The leaves go through a long fermentation process. The product is processed with special preservatives and flavors. Once on the market, these cigarettes meet the accepted quality standards with confidence.

The main concept has always been to launch a product that would provide the consumers with the superior quality for the price they would afford to give for the desired cigarettes. And this is possible only online. Here you get the best deals and promotions any time you like to order. Now you can buy goods from any country in a few minutes: for this you don’t even need to leave your home. It does not matter where the online store is located or where the seller lives: delivery services will bring the goods safe and sound. And Australian buyers certainly appreciate this opportunity. You can compare prices in online stores very quickly – just open several tabs in your browser.

What are Rothmans cigarettes?

This brand of cigarettes first struck smokers with its phenomenon in London in 1890. What started out as just a small tobacco shop on Fleet Street soon grew into a vast empire. Louis Rothman chose this street out of all the streets. The reason is simple – there were publishing houses and editorial offices of newspapers on it. And as a result: local journalists and reporters tasted this product for the first time and appreciated it. Further, other strata of society began to acquire it. Cigarettes were widely sold due to the involvement of large communication campaigns and motorcycle and motor sports. They are currently sold in over seventy countries.