This is the most interesting topic, because opinions differed here. Conventionally speaking, research on e-cigarettes, and especially IQOS HEETs Australia items, can be divided into 3 groups: initiated by manufacturers; conducted by ardent opponents of tobacco companies; independent third party research.

An example of the first group is Philip Morris International’s own R&D research. According to the manufacturer, IQOS protects the tooth enamel from the dark plaque typical of smokers and reduces the risk of diseases associated with smoking.

The company recently shared the latest data from clinical trials. The study lasted 6 months and involved about 1,000 people. The main goal was to compare the behavior of the body of a person who switched from cigarettes to IQOS in the long run, compared to the body of a smoker. The researchers measured 8 major biomarkers that are most critical to a smoker’s health. And all 8 showed a significant long-term improvement in the 6-month perspective after the transition from cigarettes to IQOS. An increase of the HEETs Australia consumptions became evident thereafter.

Some scientists from the University of Sydney are in opposition to the R&D centers of tobacco corporations. In defense of the manufacturer, we can say that it recommends regular cleaning of IQOS from tobacco particles. A special cleaning kit is even included with the device.

In February, researchers from Sydney University of Technology joined the Californians. Australia has always been famous for its harsh and categorical treatment of smokers and smokers in all its forms. It was easy to predict that Australians will soon speak about electronic alternatives to cigarettes. And that’s become a reality after an increase of HEETs Australia consumptions.

In April last year, IQOS was also studied by the famous American FDA (Food and drugs administration). The committee decided that IQOS does not emit any harmful substances. But data is not enough to draw conclusions about the long-term impact on improving health, as the product has only been on the market for a few years. Earlier this year, Philip Morris had already submitted extended research data for reconsideration to the FDA.