I smoked regular Marlboro Lights and Camel Lights for years and years and one day decided to switch to a menthol. My fianc e smokes Marlboro Menthol and has since the day I met him and I decided to try them. They are not my taste so I tried Salem lights and Marlboro Light Menthols and Camel Crush and really could not find a light menthol that I could stick with. A friend of mine smokes Smooth and I was at the store buying us both cigs and the store was out of Marlboro Menthol Lights so I bought Smooth too. I’ve been smoking nothing but these for the past year and a half. By far the best menthol and best cig ever!!!! They are not too strong but i have noticed that if I bum a red menthol from my fiancee they seem really weak and the flavor is not good. I’ve tried the Skyline when Smooth are out and they are terrible. The cashiers swear Skyline compares but they don’t even come close. If my regular store is out of Smooth I go to the next store until I find them and I won’t smoke the Smooth 100s. As long as I continue to smoke these are the brand I buy. The smell is perfect the flavor is unmatched and I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a great menthol cig. Marlboro has definitely done a great job with this one.

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