golden-gate-blueThe Golden Gate Red cigarettes were initially launched by the “Majestic Tobacco” enterprise, which was founded in 1901. Short time later the enterprise had turned out to become a pioneer in the tobacco industry and won countless orders and numerous true clients everywhere throughout the world.

The clients prefer exactly the Golden Gate cigarettes for their properties and unique taste. In order to manufacture these cigarettes, the two best tobacco sorts of Burley and Virginia plants are utilized.

The Golden Gate cigarettes belong to the brand, which is new because of its predominant tobacco mixture, quality and flavor. Being fabricated by Imperial Tobacco Company and distributed by our solid cigarette online store, the Golden Gate is on the highest point of our client’s inclinations.

Smokers purchase the Golden Gate cigarettes and decide themselves for the most oriental kind of tobacco, which has a remarkable flavor and an extraordinary taste. When you chose to purchase shoddy cigarettes on the web and once try this brand, you’ll encounter an extraordinary smoking knowledge as they contain an inventive channel framework.

The invaluable flip-pack outline and enticing tobacco mixture will affect your decision to buy these cigarettes frequently. Other su-brands of this unrivaled tobacco item are Golden Gate Red, Golden Gate Light, Golden Gate and Golden Gate Blue.

For instance, Golden Gate Red is a fabulous tobacco blend with a taste that must be surely tried. Famous for its great flavor and even smolder, this full enhanced cigarette will remind you what it resembles to have a fantastic item at a reasonable cost. With an expertly made filter and helpful flip-pack, the whole experience is one of value and simplicity. Both men and ladies value the smooth flavor as you breathe in a Golden Gate Red cigarette.

The splendid red bundle of Golden Gate Red puts forth as striking of an announcement as the fine taste of these immaculately planned cigarettes. The cigarettes themselves emanate an air of certainty and style with the way they are immovably introduced, firmly moved to flawlessness. A smooth cigarette at a moderate cost, Golden Gate Red is an arrangement that can’t be beaten up! Find the delight of smoking these qualitative cigarettes and it will without a doubt turn into your most beloved and preferred brands forever.

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