These are cigarettes with a romantic history. They were dedicated to the English king who loved smoking and canceled the smoking bans, allowing people to smoke. The boom of tobacco industry happened then. The new brand of cigarettes had then been released and had got the name of King Edward cigarettes. That king was a reformer and a man with a unique worldview. His reign was a celebration for tobacco admirers.

A light wooden mouthpiece with a fragrant flavor complements the cigarettes. The attractive appearance of each cigarette indicates high quality and exclusive design. The perfect machine twist and well-chosen wrapper are unique to each cigar. The smoke is light, not stuffy and has a pleasant flavor. The medium-sized cigar provides a long smoking time of 30 minutes. King Edward cigarettes are a high-quality, easy-to-smoke cigarette that will fill your day with a fresh, bright flavor.

Online resources are the best opportunity to order King Edward cigarettes. Unlike ordinary shops, this way is more advantageous because you do not have to pay charges that are related to the support of business facilities, staff and numerous taxes. While shopping online, you can conveniently send orders from home or anywhere, specify the delivery and enjoy numerous discounts as well. And this is modern.

The benefits of online shopping became evident during the Corona pandemic. People could buy from home without having risks of being infected. They could easily send orders from their smartphones and stay at safe places, waiting for their order.

What are King Edward cigarettes?

King Edward cigarettes are 100% tobacco products, which are made by machine manufacturing. No manual processes are used. King Edward cigarettes with cherry flavor. This cigarette is a smoking pipe filled with rolled and cut tobacco leaves that is shaped like a thin cigar. King Edward cigarettes are smoked at a lower temperature than cigars, which can give them flavors such as vanilla, cherry, cocoa, coffee, and apple. Sweet Vanilla King Edward cigarettes are fragrant vanilla will fill your languid evening or dinner with a wonderful sweet flavor. King Edward cigarettes are smoking sticks with whole tobacco leaves on the outside and chopped tobacco on the inside.