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Cigarette is one of the most consumed items in the wide world. Some cigarette lovers said that cigarettes have been part of their life. They said they couldn t start a single day without any cigarette. There are several kinds of cigarette and clover cigarette is one of them. And one popular cigarette brand is Djarum Black. This clover cigarette brand is purely made with tobacco from Indonesia. Djarum Black has been also distributed to many countries throughout the world. This cigarette comes with wide and black colored cigarette pack. This cigarette gives you a scent and taste of a clover flavor, and sweet flavor on the paper.
The quality and the taste of this Djarum Black have been known well by the people of the world. Many people from all over the world like the aroma, taste, and the entire clove and tobacco perfect combination of this cigarette. This brand also became the first clover cigarette that features wrapper from black paper. Since its first launching to the market in 2001, now this brand has come with several other cigarette variants. You can also pick another of size you want since the cigarettes are available in different sizes and box styles.


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Clove cigarettes or also known well as kreteks are another variant of cigarette. This cigarette is a bit different from regular and ordinary cigarette. This kind of cigarette originally came from Indonesia as the first country that produces kretek cigarettes. Clove cigarettes are made with a blend of tobacco and cloves. Besides the clove, the blend can be added with extra ingredients to enrich the flavor. This kind of cigarette was produced for the first time in 1880s by a resident of Java, Indonesia. After knowing that many people liked this new kind of cigarettes, kreteks then distributed from Indonesia throughout world wide. Now, kreteks have been popular among cigarette consumers around the world. Some cigarette consumers said that kreteks are better than regular cigarettes.

Clove cigarettes are loved by some cigarette consumers because of their special taste and aroma. The mixture of tobacco, clove, and other ingredients creates special features of flavor which cannot be found in any regular and ordinary cigarettes. Because of the special flavor that comes from kreteks, many cigarette companies from all over the world try their fortune to produce these kreteks. Now, kreteks can be found in many cigarette shops. Even in the internet, you can pick any brand of cigarette that specially sells kreteks.