Nobody is any longer surprised that there are girls who want to purchase cheap cigarettes online from Australian web stores.

A little less than a hundred years ago, the question of which cigarette is better for a girl was simply unthinkable. Nobody could imagine that there will be girls who purchase cheap cigarettes online from Australian web stores.

Attitudes towards smoking by women were extremely negative, which categorically did not appeal to the tobacco companies. Of course, because they had to increase the number of consumers of their products. And in 1925 the first very careful step was taken.

The marketers in Chesterfield placed a girl on a poster but did not dare to put a cigarette in her hand. As you can see, she is seated next to a smoking man, but she looks at a lit cigarette with interest and desire. The slogan is “blow my way” and can be translated as “blow in my direction”.

A little later, advertising appeared on the Lucky Strike brand claiming that smoking contributes to weight loss. A lively slogan “Grab Lucky instead of Candy” was developed for this campaign.

But these were still the most common cigarettes, with the same name, shape, packaging, and taste. Special cigarettes – “women” – did not appear until 1968. They emerged with the active development of the feminist movement, which the tobacco giant Philip Morris took advantage of to launch the all-women brand Virginia Slims.

These were thin, elegant, special cigarettes. Above all, however, the slogan “You have come a long way, baby” was aimed directly at the women who fought for their rights for a long time and were now finally done. And we managed to purchase cheap cigarettes online from Australian web stores, just like men do. Since then, the number of brands of cigarettes for women has only grown, but their advertising is based on the same principles – the image of a strong and independent woman with a thin cigarette in hand is exploited.

The so-called “ladies” tobacco products can be easily distinguished from the usual ones at first glance. Most of these are long and thin cigarettes, the design of the packs is predominantly soft pastel colors, although the appearance is similar to others.

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