What is iqos? The device appeared on the world market relatively recently, but has already managed to find many people who want to buy it. Manufacturers prove that the highest quality tobacco is used in the manufacture of iqos. During the use of the appliance, the smoker inhales smoke that has formed as a result of heating tobacco. The developers claim that there is no harm in this process, since combustion products do not enter the body. We confirm their statement, promoting heets for iqos. We are proud to say that we have the best iqos Australia cigarette price.

Iqos is a special smoking pipe, in which there is a different principle of operation from an electronic cigarette and a method of smoke formation. During smoking, cigarettes emit not dry, but slightly moistened smoke, which contains nicotine. If an electronic cigarette needs a special liquid, then this device works on nicotine tubes.

What does the device consist of? It is based on a ceramic mouthpiece that can be heated to high temperatures. In turn, it does not set fire to tobacco, but only heats it. It turns out that the smoker only enjoys the taste and aroma of tobacco, and not the tar that is formed during combustion. Heets for iqos can be an ideal gift option, because this tobacco heating system is the best alternative to smoking, and, in addition, it has a modern design. And if we haven’t convinced you yet, read about what other advantages iqos 3 has. We, on our behalf, are doing our best for users, offering the best iqos Australia cigarette price.

All smokers and those around them often say how unpleasant the smoke and smell of cigarettes is, which remains almost everywhere: on clothes, hair, on the skin. With iqos, this problem disappears. The device heats tobacco, not burns it, so the released aerosol quickly dissipates in the air and smells much less. And everyone knows how important the fragrance of her perfume is for a woman. We promote the idea, offering the best iqos Australia cigarette price for all who order heets for iqos in our online store.