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DENVER Phillip Morris which is the world’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products has announced that they will take part in the recent legalization of Marijuana by producing Marijuana Cigarettes. The tobacco giant indicated that the brand of cigarettes will go by the name “Marlboro M” and will be made available for sale in Colorado and Washington state via licensed marijuana shops. The company is working out the logistics of the brand as well as all legalities of it.

Anton Barkov, a marketing Executive for the tobacco company stated in an interview that other higher up executives with in the company are ecstatic about the idea of marketing and selling cannabis and has been actively working on a successful ad campaign for some time. The company was waiting for the go ahead from Colorado and Washington state legislators to pass the bills for recreational use.

Barkov further added that the company has purchased a few hundred acres of “growing” land in California and Washington to produces a potent product. They’ve also built a facility in Amsterdam and plans to launch both US and International marketing campaigns soon.

In the U.S., tobacco products are prohibited in advertisements and promotions so the company has set an enormous budget in the billions to market the new Marlboro M . Current negotiations are in motion with networks in Colorado and Washington with plans of launching their first commercials at the end of 2014.

Barkov also hinted that people in Colorado and Washington should expect an amazing Super Bowl XLIX commercial for the “Marlboro M” brand as the company has secured some good air time for the commercials.

Phillip Morris expects their stock to grow exponentially once their new product is released.

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