Cigarette smoke from 2R1 research brand cigarettes and specific toxicants in smoke inhibit oviductal functioning. Our purpose was to test the hypothesis that smoke from commercial cigarettes, including harm reduction cigarettes, inhibits oviductal functioning and to measure the concentration of previously identified toxicants in smoke from research and commercial cigarettes.


Mainstream (MS) and sidestream (SS) smoke solutions from two research, six traditional commercial and three harm reduction brands were tested in vitro using an oviductal assay that measures ciliary beat frequency, oocyte retrieval rate and smooth muscle contraction.


Generally, smoke from each brand of cigarette was inhibitory in the three oviductal bioassays. SS, the major component of environmental tobacco smoke, was usually more inhibitory than MS, the smoke inhaled by active smokers. Nine cigarette toxicants, previously shown to be highly inhibitory in the oviductal bioassays, were quantified in MS and SS. 4 Methylpyridine, which was inhibitory by itself in picomolar doses, was present in the highest concentration in MS and SS solutions from all brands tested. In general, toxicant concentrations were higher in SS than in MS solutions.


These data show that commercial brands of cigarettes, including harm reduction cigarettes, contain toxicants that inhibit biological processes in the oviduct and could affect reproductive outcomes.

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As to how to get them, you have to know someone old enough to buy them. The very best thing is to get your parents to buy them for you, but that is almost always a tough sell. Usually when you are starting out, you have to smoke what you can get. If your parents smoke, you can tell them that you smoke and need a reliable cigarette supply, and that you would rather not have to do “favors” for guys just to get them, and that you are tired of sneaking and feel guilty about it. Tell them you are already addicted, not just now starting. It might just work, and you can earn them by doing extra chores. This way you could smoke at home and wouldn’t have to keep any secrets from them.

Write if I can help, like in learning to inhale and building up a tolerance.