Try flavored v. If you are looking for a specific taste, there are a wide variety of flavored branded cigarettes on the market. There are cigarettes with flavors like cherry, chocolate, orange, mango and so on. The flavoring is practically self-explanatory. The cigarettes should taste something like the name on the pack. Flavored branded cigarettes can be a good option if you don’t like regular, clove and menthol cigarettes, either.

Compress your cigarettes. Most branded cigarettes benefit from good compression. Compressing your cigarettes “solidifies” the tobacco, resulting in a slower-burning cigarette. Before opening the plastic wrap, tap the package, filter-side down, on the palm of your hand for about ten to twenty seconds.

In some cigarettes, the tobacco is already compressed. The company even suggests making your cigarettes less dense by rolling them from the filter to the end between your fingers until about a pinch of tobacco comes out. Clove cigarettes should also not be compressed.

Use a good lighter. The first puffs of the cigarette do not only taste better on a lighter, but you also learn to love and cherish your lighter if it is of better quality.

Light the cigarette. Hold the filter end of the cigarette to your lips. Light your lighter and just hold the flame directly under the end of the cigarette. Puff the cigarette by gently inhaling into your mouth. Continue doing this until the entire end of the cigarette is lit and glowing. You can roll the cigarette as you light it if it doesn’t burn evenly.

Smoke without rush. If you smoke, make sure that you are not in a rush, that you are not disturbed, and that you are either alone or with people you like. This lets you enjoy your smoking break a lot more, especially when you have smoking friends with you.

Inhale your cigarette. When you put a cigarette to your lips, it shouldn’t reach past your teeth. There are many ways to get tobacco smoke into your lungs. The most common method is to get rid of the air in your mouth and hold the lit cigarette to your lips. Then suck air into your mouth (not your lungs) and hold the smoke in for a second. Inhale normally through your mouth, drawing the smoke (which has now cooled) into your lungs.

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