Thanks to a successful advertising campaign and the excellent quality of its raw materials, the company quickly became popular among smokers with Camel cigarettes. Unlike its competitors, RJR used an original smoking blend consisting of sour, dark-colored Turkish tobacco and lighter varieties of Virginia and Burley. Despite its mild flavor and subtle aroma, this tobacco blend was full of spicy notes of oriental spices.

The density of the paper, the burn time of the tobacco, the efficiency of the carbon filter, and of course the quality of the tobacco blend were always top-notch, making Camel one of the top five brands in terms of sales In the second half of the 20th century, Camel held a dominant position in the tobacco industry. The enduring symbol of Camel has always been the cartoon character Camel Joe. Today, Camel cigarettes are still easily recognizable thanks to the well-known pyramid and the two-humped animal.

In 2008, Camel underwent a complete rebranding. The packs were given a more sophisticated, elegant, and modern shape. The changes affected not only the appearance and product line, but also the smoking experience. The manufacturer changed the percentage of heavier Turkish Oriental tobaccos in favor of softer, lighter Virginia and Burley varieties. It is worth noting that this change has significantly reduced the amount of harmful impurities and resins, while maintaining the unmistakable flavor and original aroma of the classic “Camel”.

What are Camel cigarettes?

Once immersed in the world of Camel cigarettes, it is impossible to ignore their unique aroma and flavor. Every consumer tries to find the right tobacco for their taste, and Camel offers a wide range of choices. Camel tobacco flavors have an expressive aroma that creates a unique atmosphere in every tobacco. Light herbal notes mingle with woody nuances to create a unique bouquet of flavors. Tobacco flavors are also an important part of the smoking experience. Camel offers a wide range of flavors, from delicate and fruity to rich and acidic. The strength and richness of Camel’s flavors can satisfy both novice and experienced smokers. Importantly, the quality of the tobacco and carefully selected additives form the basis for the aroma and flavor of Camel cigarettes. This makes it popular with those who appreciate all aspects of the smoking experience.