Premium Clan cigarettes bring the British tradition closer to each consumer. Now you can taste the classic flavors of these products.

Clan cigarettes are produced under license in England. Of course, the factory adheres to all necessary technical and quality controls. The tobacco used for these cigarettes is grown on farms on five continents, which has become a national tradition. After harvest, the raw materials are sent to a specialized tobacco auction house, where they are purchased by the factory’s highly trained and experienced staff.

The next step is to blend all the raw materials in strictly controlled proportions. After packaging the tobacco, the experts send it to oak barrels where it is aged for three months. As a result of this aging process, the tobacco tastes less bitter and has a pleasant sweetness and long-lasting aftertaste.

Batches of tobacco ready for final processing are transported to the mill in moisture-proof and light-shielded containers. To preserve the tobacco manufacturing tradition, the rolling process is only partially mechanized. The raw material is wrapped in a brown wrapper made from reconstituted tobacco. Finally, a filter is inserted.

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What are Clan cigarettes?

Clan cigarettes offer a pure smoking experience. The classic flavors ensure unparalleled enjoyment, and the high-quality tobacco complements the filter to deliver a pleasant smoking experience. Each box contains 20 cigarettes and is carefully packaged to preserve the freshness and quality of the tobacco. UNIQUE TASTE: Clan cigarettes feature a unique taste. Selected premium cigarettes are processed to provide a unique smoking experience. High Quality: Clan cigarettes are a well-known brand known for its high-quality tobacco products. Clan cigarettes are manufactured using traditional methods and undergo strict quality control to ensure consistent quality. Comfortable smoking experience: Clan cigarettes come with a filter that provides a comfortable smoking experience. The filter reduces nicotine levels and filters out harmful substances, minimizing the health risks associated with smoking.