I felt it was worth clarifying that my electronic cigarette reviews are my own opinions on various e cigs I’ve tried. By all means, I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy with a big audience and a desire to live in a world free of lingering smoke, odor, and toxins. I’ve tried various electric cigarette brands in the past, and in 2014 I’ll probably try more. So far, I’ve been hooked on V2Cigs.

What I look for is quality, solid customer service, and being a hockey player, durability.

I’m going to outline what I feel are the five highest rated e cigs for sale today and from time to time be offering giveaways. I really have a good group of advertisers and since my site has so much traffic from within the hockey community, they’re eager to get others introduced to their products.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a hockey fan, these e cigarette reviews are for everyone. They’ve changed millions of lives, not just mine.

So enjoy the ratings of various brands as I post them. In case you scanned this page and didn’t notice, I smoke V2. I have a HUGE V2 coupon for you. Just click the link or scroll back up to take advantage of it.

Other reviews I’ve posted are listed below

  • Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes
  • Halo Triton
  • GreenSmoke
  • Vapor Zone

I’ve tried many disposable brands from gas stations and convenience stores, but they weren’t worth my time to put them online because they were so bad. The ones above I’d whole heartedly recommend. Like in tobacco, there exist many brands, so a lot comes down to personal preferences.

V2 cigarettes- known for quality and brand name

Public backs plans to remove branding from cigarette packets

The V2 Cigs Starter Kit consists of everything that you will need for the use of an electronic cigarette. You will get two options to choose from. First are an automatic electronic cig battery and a manual electronic cig battery you can use and enjoy it with any flavored cartridge of your liking. While choosing the best electronic cigarette do make sure that the cost etc. is up to the mark as per your requirement. The V2 Cigs consists of chargers used for both the automatic electronic cigarettes and the one which is used for the manual electronic cigarette, about ten flavors of liquid cartridges and a USB charger along with a wall adapter. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing a V2 Cigs Economy pack.

The battery backup of the Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette comes with a good quality battery backup, an atomizer and a few flavored cartridges. The battery is well fitted in the body of the electronic cigarette unit and this is responsible for supplying power to the atomizer. The Electronic cigarette batteries are available in both the automatic as well as the manual models. The automatic e cig battery derives its power by puffing into them the manual e cig battery gets charged for use by pressing a button which is on the side. The power is supplied by the use of an atomizer, that heats up the e liquid that is present in the flavor of the cartridge which in turn gets changed to vapor.

The E liquid flavor of the cartridges

The V2 cigarettes are very easy to use it has a two piece of design the atomizer in it along with the flavors of the cartridge. The v2 e liquid flavor cartridges are available in ten different flavors and strengths like the one with the 1.8% nicotine in it, the one with about 1.2% nicotine in it, with about 0.6% nicotine in it or and also the one with 0% nicotine in it. You can adjust the nicotine intake as per your preference. There is a vast variety of e liquid flavors like the Menthol, the Peppermint, the Mint Tea, the Vanilla, the Coffee, the Chocolate, the Cherry and the Cola flavor. Get online today and start enjoying vaping.