cigarettesMonte Carlo cigarettes are number one cigarettes sold worldwide. Both men and women are fans of tobacco products.

These cigarettes were named after the city of Monte Carlo in Europe. Monte Carlo cigarettes brand are packed in solid and soft pack. The total number of different kinds of products comprises eight kinds, and they all have differences in the amount of tar, nicotine and flavor qualities.

Monte Carlo brand production is always carefully controlled by the JT International SA. At the present moment, these cigarettes are greatly smoked especially in the regions of Europe, CIS and the United States of America.

The whole concept of Monte Carlo cigarettes is to show its real history and essence.

Monte Carlo brand is exclusive because the added American tobacco combination is provided with new smell components.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are available in the following line: Filters, Lights, One.

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Monte Carlo cigarettes can rightly be considered the most unique tobacco product. We once again have to point out that in order to create this product there was used a special blend of carefully selected tobacco varieties, and as a result it turned out to be an absolutely unique incomparable flavor.