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Electronic Cigarettes (“e cigarette”) are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, usually referred to as “e liquid” or “e juice”, to produce clean water vapour with appearance, sensation and flavour of regular smoking without any combustion. The resulting vapour doesn’t contain any tar, carbon monoxide or the other 4000 chemicals normally present in ordinary tobacco cigarettes, hookahs and cigars. The toxin free e liquid used in electronic cigarette consists of 3 main categories of e liquid ingredients and typically no more than 5 total ingredients most of which we consume regularly anyways. Because they do not produce any foul odour or smoke, they facilitate a more pleasant social experience, and can be legally used indoors at offices, public transportation, restaurants, hotels and other places, but within reason and subject to special private property policies. Smokers who switch 180 can save thousands of dollars annually. A 1 pack per day smoker will save in excess of $2,500 in addition to reduced dental bills and lower mint/gums expenses. All our products are eco friendly and recyclable. E cigs are a tobacco harm reduction tool and should be understood in that context.

How are 180 E Cigs Different?

We are an ethically invested, socially conscious company that started in Canada. We are focused on providing smokers with an alternative to tobacco through our e cigarettes and other electronic vaporizers. Since our e juice tastes so much better, and that we provide devices for all types of smokers, and because we do our very best to make it easy for customers to switch, our customers have a very high success rate. Remember, this is more than just a business for us! We offer a wide range of electronic vapor devices including electronic cigarette, electronic cigar and electronic shisha (“e hookah”) to help all types of smokers.

The 180 Smoke brand was crowd sourced from 1000’s of smokers via social media, in person consultations and online surveys. That includes everything from the company name, the logo, product features, product lines and e liquid flavours. Feedback and continuous improvement are essential parts of our industry leading iterative and incremental development process. We are giving it our best to advance tobacco harm reduction through novel tools like e cigarettes, that present a tremendous opportunity for our society. Through constructive feedback from customers, we continusly improve product usability, design and customer support.

We come from medicine, technology and philanthropy all converging in our common vision to develop the right balance between disruptive and creative innovation, with a view to facilitate a healther lifestyle for smokers. We seek to make a positive change in people’s smoking habits, and we are glad you are here. We design our e cigarette product lines in Canada and formulate the e liquid refills right here in Canada as well. More >