1932 is forever inscribed in the history of art and fashion. In 1932, Vogue became the first fashion magazine to include a color photograph on its cover instead of a hand-drawn illustration. In the same year, Vogue cigarettes appeared on the market – a new brand created especially for women. Its lightness and rich taste immediately fell in love with American women, and later also with residents of other continents.

Thin Vogue cigarettes, 100 mm long and 4.5 mm in diameter, were originally presented as female cigarettes, but due to their strength, which is -7 milligrams of tar and 0.7 milligrams of nicotine, Vogue cigarettes also became popular among the male population. … The lightest in the Vogue line are Vogue Lilas (3 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine) and Vogue Unique – cigarettes with a button, which contains a citrus flavor – mandarin (3 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine

The Vogue cigarettes are produced in the Super Slims format; the packs have a distinctive and recognizable design and are considered one of the most popular among women. The brand appeared in 1932 in Europe. Initially, the brand was produced by Rothmans International, in 1999, after the merger, it was transferred to British American Tobacco.

Vogue cigarettes underwent an update in 2007, after the update for some time; the modified packaging is released in a film with the image of the old model of the pack, which helps consumers to connect the usual cigarette quality and the new design. Also, inside each pack, they put information inserts that tell about the changes in the Vogue cigarettes brand.

The standard that distinguishes a stylish and modern girl is the brand of Vogue cigarettes. The manufacturer of the Vogue brand pays due attention to all details in the manufacture of the product, from a unique pack of exclusively feminine design to quality control of tobacco blends, aroma and softness. During the creation of the tobacco mixture, special natural substances are added, which give the aroma, and the cigarettes acquire an exquisite, easily recognizable smell.