It’s no secret that cigarette prices have skyrocketed to an unbelievable height over the past decade. It seems like it was just a little more than 10 years ago when I could buy a pack of Marlboros for around $2 or $3. If I wanted something really cheap, I could buy a pack of generic cigarettes for a buck. Well, those days are long gone and almost forgotten. Or, are they?

A couple of weeks ago I was out and about, and I needed to get a pack of cigarettes because I had just run out. So, I pulled into the nearest gas station and bought and asked the clerk for a pack of American Spirits. Now, granted, American Spirits are always more expensive than most other brands, but here in Florida, they usually cost between $6 and $7. I was shocked when the clerk rang them up and the register displayed $8 and change.

If a pack of American Spirits costs that much in Florida now, I can only imagine what they cost in New York or California. I begrudgingly paid the clerk and kicked myself for not making a trip to the Tobacco Roads Store when I had the chance earlier that week. Tobacco Roads is a store you can go to to buy cigarettes at a discount price. Well, more or less.

Tobacco Roads only sells its blend of pipe tobacco cigarettes. It’s not like you can walk in their and say, “Hey, give me a pack of Camels.” You can, however, say, “I’d like a cigarette like a Camel” and they’ll make you a blend of tobacco that somewhat resembles a Camel filter or Camel light, depending on what you ask for. You can also request menthol flavors.

A carton of cigarettes at Tobacco Roads costs $25.50. That’s including tax. That’s also the flat rate no matter what kind of cigarettes you get menthol, full flavor, etc So, the math is pretty simple There are 10 packs in a carton (200 cigs), you pay $25.50 per carton, which comes out to $2.55 per pack. You can’t beat that price anywhere. Believe me, I’ve tried.

At this point you must be thinking these cigarettes have to be pretty lousy if they only cost $2.55 a pack. Surprising, they are not. The tobacco and paper they use are all natural. In my opinion, their cigarettes are much better than any name brand cigarettes, with the exception of American Spirits, only because American Spirits use a higher quality tobacco.

If you’re tired of paying too much for cigarettes, you should definitely find out if there is a Tobacco Roads store in your town. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

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