lm-blue-labelL&M cigarettes were introduced in 1953 by recognized American Tobacco Company, Liggett and Myers.

It was a creative thing which rapidly occupied the thought of adult smokers, since it was introduced with dynamic filtering system. In any case, there have been a couple separated cigarette brands in the market; L&M offered leading white filters.

The brand was so conspicuous in the United States that its maker distributed it on the overall market.

1999 was characterized by the new time in the change of these top of the line quality cigarettes. Nowadays L&M cigarette brand is the fourth most dominant tobacco product on the planet, behind famous Marlboro, Winston and Mild Seven brands.

It is the second-greatest brand for the Philip Morris with arrangements accomplishing 100 billion units over the world in 2009, and this is not bewildering as adult smokers value the preeminent tobacco blend of L&M cigarettes included from the finest light sorts of tobacco.

In addition, since L&M is a product of Philip Morris International, the fundamental cigarette-manufacturer on the planet, it is differentiated by eminent quality, pleasant flavor and choice pack layout, and clearly, utilization of the most forward sifting advances, being introduced with extremely profitable triple acidic corrosive inference filters.

Besides, what was legitimate about L&M cigarette brand when it was displayed remains honest to goodness today – L&M is a champion among the most innovative things accessible, which keeps impelling new things to fulfill creating client necessities.

Subsequently, every adult smoker will have the ability to run over his/her optimal style of L&M.

Direct cost for L&M cigarettes made out of good quality tobacco attracts a significant number of smokers.

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