Contrary to popular belief, James Bond has nothing to do with Bond cigarettes. Bond Street is a street in central London where Philip Morris opened his first tobacco shop in 1847.

The combination of high quality and affordable prices makes Bond cigarettes one of the most popular brands in our country. The brand’s lineup includes several varieties of cigarettes of different strength and weight. For example, in the premium series Bond Street Special Blue, the content of nicotine is 0.5 mg, tar – 6 mg. The brand also offers light and super light cigarettes.

The catalog contains the retail price for Bond cigarettes. Managers will send a price list with prices for wholesale buyers upon request. It is convenient to buy cigarettes on the Internet: we offer many payment methods and guarantee prompt delivery of the order.

Now Bond cigarettes are showing off in a new, sleeker packaging.

It’s not just the appearance of cigarettes that has changed. Cigarettes, now, with a white filter, and also, they have become a little thinner and thus more elegant. In terms of strength, the cigarettes are average, not too heavy.

They don’t even look like previous Bond cigarettes. But we liked it, and the price, more or less affordable.
This novelty pleased me.

You can buy BOND Street Blue Selection cigarettes in our internet store. Machine twisting ensures uniformity of all cigarettes and almost complete absence of defects. Standardized length of 80 mm. Standard foam filter with one perforation ring. Bond Street cigarettes are an American mix of tobacco that includes three main varieties of tobacco: Virginia, Oriental and Burley. When lighting a cigarette, some trapped smoke in the throat is compensated for by a moderate nicotine kick. Relatively fast and uneven burning is quite normal for low price cigarettes.

Anyone who is in the habit of buying discount cigarettes knows a lot about the Bond cigarettes. The tobacco products have recently been marketed with a capsule button. Look at the packaging of cigarettes and it will be clear what kind of button we mean. The package says you need to press a button. As a result, a capsule containing an aroma (menthol or fruit scent) will burst and the one who smokes will enjoy the aroma. Like ordinary cigarettes, there is a taste of freshness followed by a pleasant feeling in the throat. Compared to the usual products without filler and capsules, there is almost no smoke odor when smoking.