davidoff_black_nanokingsDavidoff is an extravagant Swiss tobacco brand name, which is conveyed by a whole range of tobacco items.

Zino Davidoff, born in in Kiev, Russian Empire, was a creator of numerous tobacco products of superior quality.

After having graduated from school in 1924, Zino left for Latin America to find out more about the tobacco processing.

Having come back to Switzerland in 1930, he assumed control over his parents’ shop. What had initially become a humble tobacco enterprise amid and after World War II.

In 1970, Zino sold his tobacco shop in Geneva to the Max Oettinger Company.

The Max Oettiger Company, which assumed control Davidoff, was established in 1875 and was one of the primary shippers of Havana cigars to Europe, offering its products in France, Germany and Switzerland. Headed by the Swiss-origin Ernst Schneider, Oettiger paid in overabundance of $1 million for the Davidoff shop, considering numerous opportunities to promote these products.

Exceptional quality is the element that is favored by everybody and somewhere else. It is completely clear with Davidoff cigarettes, which pleasant fragrance and exquisite shape persuade that you are a special person and have an incredibly decent taste.

The refined flavor of this tobacco product has been perceived as an equivalent word for “extravagance”. Davidoff cigarettes are favored by a great majority of smokers from everywhere throughout the world, since they are guaranteed to have the best smoking delight. These full-seasoned cigarettes have a very special, rich and wonderful taste. The Davidoff cigarettes are viewed as the image of predominant taste and refinement.

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