• Marlboro Red Label 100’s box cigarettes

  • Marlboro Red Label box cigarettes

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  • Marlboro Menthol Silver Pack box cigarettes

  • What are your favourite cigarettes? and can you get marlboro in scotland, or is it just the u.s?

    I do not have a favourite, as I do not smoke, but just like any other massive US brand Coca Cola et al in the western world, be it scotland,england,ireland,wales,nz,oz etc, these cigarettes are available almost everywhere. The only difference according to location is likely to be in the varieties of Marlboro available. Major chain supermarkets are probably the best place to go in finding what you are after. So scotland is no different to england in respect to finding US products, and what is on offer may obviously heavily depend on where you live a town or city compared to a small country village far more likely to find what you are after ) According to the wiki, there may be many varieties of marlboro that are only available in the US.