winston-balanced-blueThe brand got its name in honor of the city of Winston-Salem in the US, North Carolina State.

This city is the center of tobacco production and namely right there there was opened the first Winston factory. The founder of the brand is considered to be RJ. Reynolds Corporation. It was the one to launch Winston cigarettes in 1875.

Winston cigarettes were the first commercially available filter cigarettes in the United States. At various times they were recognized as “the best cigarette brand” (1956), “the best-selling cigarettes in the United States” (1965).

Winston cigarettes brand began to be imported in 1992 into other countries. Currently, they are among the best selling almost everywhere globally.

The range is presented with four cigarettes flavors: Winston Filters, Winston Lights, Winston Super lights and Winston One.

In 2007 there was released the line known as Super Slims, presented by Lights, Super lights and Lights menthol varieties. In 2008, there was launched a new category – Winston Premier, it is positioned in the extra premium segment.

Winston products have always been popular. Although the composition, types, varieties and product categories changed depending on the tastes of customers, the quality constantly remained unchanged.

It really characterizes the attitude of real buyers to Winston products.

Regular shoppers of Winston line note that this product is always available and excellent quality pleases everyone.

Therefore, for many years it was Winston that was the most favorite and an absolutely quality trademark worldwide.

Any person should choose a light product range that will not severely harm the health.

Such people should better use ultra-thin Winston cigarettes, notable for a rather mild flavor with the lowest harmful substances content.