kent cigarettesIn 1952, the American “British American Tobacco” company presented another brand of cigarettes called “Kent”. The name was not selected occasionally; the brand got its name to pay tribute to Herbert Kent cigarettes (previous leader of the Lorillard Tobacco Company).

In the cigarettes of the brand “Kent”, filters were firstly utilized, which initially comprised of the asbestos assortments. Furthermore, later, the Kent cigarettes with charcoal channels were dispatched into the business sector.

The Cigarette brand “Kent” was at first discharged as a light form just, however in 1999 the same number of as “Kent” brand three sorts of light (lights) cigarettes were dispatched. Sleek pack of cigarettes taste great, wonderful configuration added to the vast increment in the quantity of aficionados of this brand. In only a couple of years cigarettes “Kent” have turned out to be exceptionally prevalent for the most part among the well off populace and among youngsters, leaning toward an all-new, costly and up-to-date.

In April 2007, the company “British American Tobacco” discharged the Kent Nanotek cigarettes (the Compact King Size configuration). These cigarettes got new species and their length got to be 83 mm while a distance across was 5 mm. A cigarette plan had been upgraded too. The Kent Nanotek was displayed in two structures: Kent Nanotek Neo (dark tutu) and Kent Nanotek Infina (silver pack). The minimized size of these new cigarettes fundamentally diminished the span of the pack, the new pack is right around 2 times littler than the first one.

Later, else one new plan was added to the above recorded species – Kent Nanotek Futura in splendid red tutu.

As from the end of January to March 2008, the new “Kent” sub-brands got to be accessible (Blue Futura 8, Silver Neo 4 and White Infina 1.

Cigarette assortments:

Kent Blue Futura 8 (standard size tutu, white and blue) – 8 mg tar, 0,7mg nicotine

Kent Silver Neo 4 (standard size tutu, white and silver) – 4 mg tar, 0,3mg nicotine

Kent White Infina 1 (standard size tutu, white and dim) – 1 mg tar, 0.1 mg nicotine

Kent Mintek (standard size tutu, white and green) – 4 mg tar, 0,3mg nicotine

Kent Nanotek Neo (Bundle Compact King Size, Black) – 4 mg tar, 0,3mg nicotine

Kent Nanotek Infina (Bundle Compact King Size, Silver) – 1 mg tar, 0.1 mg nicotine

Kent Nanotek Futura (Bundle Compact King Size, brilliant red) – 7 mg tar, 0,6mg nicotine

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