The world famous cigarette brand began its triumphant move to the US market since the moment it appeared. After the release of the first ad, developer efforts allowed Marlboro cigarettes to grow by 3000%, which was a wonderful sum.

Currently, Marlboro is the leading brand of the Philip Morris Company, which is smoked in every country in the world and still holds seventh place as the most-used cigarette brand.

The artists and models were initially interested in advertising Marlboro cigarettes. Later they were displaced by real drovers. They are wild and full of masculinity, they are the true saints of America and remind the customers of the wild prairies and the unbridled soul of opportunity.

The advanced Marlboro cigarettes are presented in various assortments. The ranges include both filtered and unfiltered Marlboro versions. Filtered Marlboro versions have the exemplary acetic acid derivative filter with the outer surface.

In addition, it is an extraordinary thing with the & Filter Plus & feature. A tobacco adhesive layer must be applied between the carbon and the acetic acid components of the filter. This is the essence that, as the producer says, makes cigarette stuff much better.

The historical background of Marlboro is the story of how a barely known brand becomes a real legend. Everything considered, it is the goal that the company founder has tried to achieve from the beginning.

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