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10 ways to save money & start vaping cheap

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Some of us were told when switching from cigarettes to vaping that we would save money. I’m sure it’s possible but most of us have discovered that we spend more money on the latest e cigarette than we ever did smoking. If your goal is to save money or if you just want to spend less money this list is for you.

Personally, I accept that I spend more money on vaping and I’m ok with it. But I still use the tactics on this list to save as much money as possible!

#10 With ‘s Search

Anyone can search for a product to see all the past deals listed for that item. Even though many of these deals will be expired you can still compare the prices of past deals to the current price of an item. This is a fast and easy way to see if your getting a good price (or not) on any given item.

#9 E Cigarette Co Op’s

Co ops are a group of people who make a large wholesale purchase of vape goods directly from the manufacturer in China. This allows people to get vape gear at very low wholesale prices. Usually these groups are formed on Reddit e cigarette forum, Facebook, or other e cig forums.

I feel co ops are designed more for collectors due to the time and trust required. The risk/reward factor is heavily based on how well you know the other members in the co op, so use your own judgment. If you re interested in a co op just ask around anywhere where e cigarette users gather.

#8 Referral Programs

Some vendors offer incentive programs to gain new customers. In exchange for referring them a new customer, they give you store credit. This is a great reason for pressuring your tobacco smoking friends into making the switch while putting some green back in your pocket.

#7 Communicate with Suppliers

If you really like a certain company let them know, businesses love testimonials! Write them an amazing testimonial about their product and then, in the same e mail, politely ask them if they have any coupon codes. They will definitely inform you of any current promotions, they might even give you a personal coupon code on the spot! Just make sure you actually mean what you say in the testimonial, the goal isn t to lie your way into a discount.

Check out our favorite and trusted e cig suppliers in the Vaping Cheap Black Book.

#6 Enter E Cigarette Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are a perfect way to get free vape gear. Many vendors or vaping websites will hold contests/sweepstakes to give away gift certificates and new products. This includes Vaping Cheap, we gives back to the vaping community through sweepstakes and giveaways held on our site.

You can find Vaping Cheap’s latest free sweepstakes here. It s common for these giveaways to be done through social media, another reason to follow your favorite suppliers or websites.

#5 Watch for Sales

The easiest way to hear about sales is from a vendors e mail list or social media feed. We also post sales on However, if you have any favorite vendors then make sure to follow them on social media and/or join their e mail lists. Some vendors even offer instant coupons to new e list subscribers or for liking their fan page.

Get notified of sales at different vendors when you join the Vaping Cheap Deals Newsletter.

#4 Budget and Record

The act of keeping records of your vaping expenses will force you to think about every purchase. This will psychologically cause you to become a more frugal shopper. Take it to the next level by creating a monthly budget. Use the records you kept to decide how much you want to spend on vaping each month. The hardest part is sticking to your new budget.

#3 Right Here with Vaping Cheap

There are a number of websites that track vaping deals including our website, These sites are a great way to hear about the latest deals and new product offers. Stay informed through e mail lists, RSS feed, and following them on social media. The best deals come and go quickly, so a frugal vapor must stay informed.

Make sure to sign up for the Vaping Cheap Deals Newsletter.

#2 Rebuilding Atomizer Coils

Rebuilding atomizer coils can save you a little cash, however they do require a lot of time and energy. If you re the kind of person who wants to customize your vaping experience then rebuilding atomizer coils is a must. I recently started to rebuild coils and it s been enjoyable for me to control the performance of my device.

However, atomizer coils can cost less than a buck a piece when on sale. For this reason I don t recommend rebuilding them strictly for financial gain.

#1 Make DIY E Liquid

The most effective way to spend less on e liquid is to make it yourself. There s a high initial cost but in the long run you can make DIY e liquid for pennies per milliliter. That s pretty cheap considering the average price of e liquid is .30 .50 cents per ml. To learn more check out the How to Make DIY E Liquid Guide.

I can understand if you don t want to venture into DIY e liquid, it can easily over complicate something you want to enjoy. If you don t want to make your own e liquid, save money by buying in bulk. Many vendors offer lower prices when customers purchase larger quantities of e liquid.

I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to save money vaping. How do you guys save money on vaping supplies? Please comment below so we all can see.

A similar version of this list was written by Vaping Cheap to be published in Vape News Magazine. Related Posts

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