lucky_strike_blue_en_nbLucky Strike cigarettes were firstly presented by R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, in 1871 as a new tobacco assortment and later as rebate cigarettes. In 1905, the company was acquired by the American Tobacco Company, but it had no impact on the popularity of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

The Lucky Strike cigarettes were one of the principal brands, which were manufactured while using the innovative technologies of tobacco roasting instead of drying it in the sun. The Lucky Strike cigarettes were initially dim green-colored, then this color was changed to white. Nowadays, the Lucky Strike cigarettes are promoted by numerous American companies.

Lucky Strike cigarettes are produced from fine tobacco. If you favor these cigarettes, then you have a really fine taste. Regardless of what you like to smoke from the range of Lucky Strike cigarettes, you will be able to enjoy an incredible and rich taste, being happy with your smoking.

There is something else, distinguishing this brand from the others, namely the methods for these cigarettes fabrication – the tobacco is roasted. Alternate cogarettes consist of the sun-dried tobacco. Subsequently, its taste is unique and cannot be mixed with any other one and the flavor is fantastic.

Lucky Strikes consolidate the full flavor aroma and lovely mellowness of every puff. That is the reason why their taste is so great. Lucky Strike is still promoted and bolstered in numerous nations as a worldwide popular brand and this tendency does not appear to be changed.

Not just the name of Lucky Strike cigarettes catches the attention of smokers. The popularity is additionally won by the high-quality tobaccos, intriguing flavor and beguiling smell.

In this way, on the off chance that you are still willing to make your life more fortunate, then Lucky Strike is your fortunate decision. These cigarettes will improve your mood.

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