pall_mall_bluePall Mall cigarette the types of which differ from each other, are rather popular among many smokers.

The brand was founded in 1899 by a well-known company in the UK. Exactly from this period, tobacco products got widely used all over the world.

Initially, the founders of the company planned to deal with the release of premium cigarettes. Interesting is the fact that the brand was named due to a popular game, which was carried away by people in the 17th century.

Talking about the types it should be noted that initially manufacturers did not have such ideas as to produce different types of cigarettes.

Pall Mall cigarettes brand went through a quite long period of history, but still retained popularity to the present day.

1960 was the most successful year for the brand’s founders, when tobacco products were recognized as the best ones among the other counterparts around the world. This success was due to the design modification.

It is known that the standard length of a cigarette is 85 mm. But manufacturers of Pall Mall did not want to adhere to the generally accepted parameters, and decided to replace a length of 100 mm.

This factor influenced the further popularity of the company.

Today Pall Mall brand is owned by a well-known American brand that distributes products to over 60 countries. Cigarette manufacturers prefer to experiment with tobacco, and this is not surprising.

Apart from the standard deviation of standard sizes, there are used new technologies and methods creation of each type.

Due to this phenomenon, the company was able to achieve a good result and a pleasant taste of tobacco.

When smoking a person does not experience uncomfortable sore throat. Products have a pleasant mild flavor, which places emphasis on this brand among many others.

It is worth noting that the brand logo turned out to be the only constant thing throughout the years. Manufacturers prefer to leave this part unchanged, as thanks to the logo the brand can be distinguished among many other ones.

Today tobacco creators are engaged in manufacture of several types that are designed for different types of smokers.

The cigarettes are differentiated not only by the external design of packaging, but also by the inner content. Each type contains a different amount of tar and nicotine. So Pall Mall cigarettes can be divided into the following types:

1.     Pall Mall RED. Tar reaches 10 mg, nicotine – 0.8 mg

2.     Pall Mall BLUE. The tar content – 7 mg, nicotine – 0.6 mg.

3.     Pall Mall AMBER. The composition contains 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine.