dunhill-master-blend-blue-aff-6Dunhill cigarettes are a prominent brand of cigarettes, which is produced by the British American Tobacco Company. They are manufactured in the various versions.

The history of Dunhill Tobacco House started in 1907, when Alfred Dunhill established his shop in Duke Street in the prestigious London region of Saint James.

In some countries, Dunhill cigarettes got to be distinctly known since 1994. In those years, these cigarettes were marketed by the Rothmans International Company.

In 1999, the British American Tobacco declared a merger with Rothmans International. Since then, the brand of Dunhill cigarettes was under control of the British American Tobacco.

The company, which is frequently named as the BAT, has been effectively dynamic in the tobacco business for more than 100 years, and has led its business during that time of insurgencies, wars and further social and political occasions.

The unique and incomparable tobacco, which is used for the production of this brand of cigarettes, is an effectively identifiable component and full of aroma. While consuming these cigarettes, you become strong and get a stimulus for further activities.

These cigarettes value is in ratio with its top-value properties. When buying Dunhill cigarettes, no penny will be overpaid.

While smoking these cigarettes, you will enjoy both their strong aroma and capturing smell. Prominent people selected Dunhill cigarettes as their passion, well-known journalist Hunter S Thompson, famous rock musician John Lennon and outstanding artist Robbie D. The reason was that these cigarettes let them express their skills and talent.

Dunhill cigarettes store the fresh tobacco aroma and spread their smell in their surrounding. It is flavorful, a bit luscious. The smell of Dunhill Cigarettes’ is quite special and is not filled with different added ingredients, which destroy the uniqueness of the real tobacco aroma. Unique smell is a property, which attracts fan smokers.

Dunhill cigarettes were created to become the best among all existing cigarettes. No cigarette is comparable with the lure of Dunhill-branded cigarettes, extremely capturing aroma and unrepeatable style. Should you question someone whether he (or she) is aware of these cigarettes, nobody will deny that he (she) already knows about them.

Should one smoker reply whether he (she) used an opportunity to inhale the smoke of Dunhill cigarettes, he (she) will confirm it as well. There is no need to be astonished about that because these cigarettes are of premium type.