Marlboro Red Cigarettes made under authority of Philip Morris Products SA.

Marlboro Red can be proudly said to be the most popular brand in all countries among all folks. It deserves special appraisal by thankful Marlboro smokers.

Its peculiarity is quite strong taste able to satisfy the most confirmed smoker. In no vain it was advertised by handsome and life beaten cowboy who knows the rice of life. Red Marlboro 100, Red Marlboro Special Blends, Red Marlboro King, there are so many options for us smokers to choose from their outstanding brand.

Did you know that theses cigarettes received name after Great Marlborough Street, where the original Red Marlboro plant was located? London has always been a place of utmost fashion and pretentious tastes. Probably that is why we, on some levels of our consciousness we, when smoking Marlboro red cigarettes feel like a vogue smokers. Or it is all due to the fertile and rich Virginia land where the Marlboro Red manufacture is located now.

These are true American cigarettes that conquered the world by its quality and affordable price. Best brand ever smoked, but of course there always will be people who like other brands or can not afford themselves this tobacco miracle. Ever now and again you deserve Marlboro red, do treat yourself and buy a box of Marlboro reds.

1 carton contents 200 cigarettes
Tar 13 mg
Nicotine 1.0 mg

Malboro light cigarettes – how much nicotine is in a marlboro light cigarette.

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Malboro light cigarettes are perhaps America’s most popular cigarette brand promoted and even smoked by high ranking celebrities. Marlboro itself has sponsored the world’s top crowd pullers such as the Formula One. It is a product of Philip Morris International and popular for the Marlboro man advertisements.

Malboro light cigarettes have their history in the debate around cigarette smoking and lung the 1950s many cigarette companies came alive to this debate and the potential impact it would have on their businesses and altered their cigarette design and manufacture by marketing filtered tobacco cigarettes.

The borne of contention with Malboro light cigarettes has been on how much nicotine is in a Marlboro light cigarette. Many people have admitted having been duped because of their own lack of diligence or understanding into thinking the cigarettes are a healthy alternative. In fact there have been dozens of law suits against Philip Morris.

In 2008 for example, the Supreme Court in the United States was set to make a decision on the hearing of a tobacco lawsuit case Philip Morris v. Good in which Stephanie Good and two other longtime smokers of Marlboro alleged advertising of Marlboro Light was deceiving smokers into thinking they are purchasing a more healthful product.

Being somewhat conscious of the dangers of smoking, the generality of smokers naturally pick “low tar”, “light”, “ultra light” and “mild” cigarette labels believing they are less harmful to health than regular cigarettes.

Just as the smoking experience in Malboro light cigarettes is, smoke from light cigarettes feels lighter on the chest and throat and eve smoother. This however does not take away anything from the harmful qualities of the only way to completely eliminate dangers of smoking including dangers of second hand smoke is to completely stop smoking.

As to how much nicotine is in a Marlboro light cigarette, smokers must consider that advertising numbers showing lower tar and nicotine levels are derived from lab machines. A regular cigarette has on average 1.2mg nicotine. Machines that measure these numbers smoke the very same way for each cigarette which is virtually impossible in reality as each human being have their own way of smoking.

Light cigarettes’ tricky part is in the design of the cigarette filters. A cigarette is essentially a combustion system with filter vents regulating dilution of cigarette smoke with air as you puff.

Now here is the catch in trying to escape. Many cigarette smokers are unaware of the design and manufacture of cigarettes and therefore do not know that their cigarettes have got vent filter vents are very close to where you put your fingers and lips when smoking.

It’s a matter of millimeters. Most of the times you block the filter vents when smoking reversing the cigarette to a regular cigarette.

Even if smokers tried to avoid shutting the vents when smoking, it would absolutely look awkward just how the cigarette would be handled.

Clearly in real terms, light cigarettes like Malboro light cigarettes have nothing meaningful to offer health wise. This is not just empty talk, in the United States The Federal Government’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) has concluded that light cigarettes have no health benefit to smokers. It’s just an outward pack and taste preference.


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