Winston CigarettesWinston is a brand of cigarettes marketed by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and its affiliates. The name of the brand originated from the place of production of cigarettes in the town of Winston, North Carolina, USA. Winston chronicled in history since 1875, when Richard Joshua Reynolds, founder of R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, opened the first plant in the city, manufacturing tobacco products. Initially, the company produced various types of chewing tobaccos, taking the needs of the tobacco lovers around the world into account.

Subsequently, the company’s range was expanded to pipe tobaccos and cigarettes.

The first success came to the company after the launch of Camel cigarettes. The marketing strategy of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is a combination of aggression and creativity.

Competing with other manufacturers, the RJR marketing created a solid base for the promotion of new cigarette brands. Smokers in America were bored with the same strong tobacco taste under different brands: they require softness and aroma. The Winston cigarettes took this market niche.

The packs of these cigarettes are distinguished by the letter “W”.

The Winstons are also known as cigarettes without additives although some professionals say that the absence of additives does not make cigarettes safe for health. After replacing the pack design in 2008, the company removed the word “no additives” of the advertising text

One legend is that the new cigarettes had been created thanks to Edward Darra, one of the the company directors. After trying a cigarette with a filter, he showed his finding to the production experts and subsequently, it was decided to produce filter cigarettes, which will be distinguished by their aroma and tobacco taste.

The company’s experts use a special formula to create Winston cigarettes, which became instantly popular as the “American tobacco blend.” This blend is different from other tobacco- additive cigarettes. It is not only dried, but also subjected to heat treatment for adding light caramel aftertaste. This new product was really successful.

Today, Winston cigarettes are still marketed by the R.J.Reynolds Company in the US, although these products are manufactured by Japan Tobacco International in other parts of the world. In 2007, the Japan Tobacco International had launched a series of ultra-thin and elegant cigarettes Winston Super Slims, later Winston Premier in 2008, to satisfy all segments of the international cigarette market.