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Marlboro cigarettes for joints? – apprentice tokers

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yeah you can empty the tobacco out by rolling the cigarette with your fingers from top to bottom and then break/grind up the weed and stuff it in there, twist the end, cut off the filter or half the filter or take a bit of the filter out or replace it with something else if you like. I used to do this with tobacco a while back because my throat couldn’t handle the smoke of weed alone because of past things, nor blunts. and i don’t like joints. i did it with just weed a few times though. Personally i think the paper burns a little faster than other paper but i’m not sure it was a while ago.

edit i never answered how much you can get for them if you sell them, sorry i missed it. for 12 cigarettes you’ll be able to get $6 at 50 cents each. That’s what a single cigarette goes for anywhere around my area. so yeah you’d be able to trade it in for a nickel or a dime at the most im guessing if you try.

now whether the paper is more harmful? i don’t know but the tobacco inside it is harmful and from rumors i hear it has chemicals in it. And i remember the paper burning fast. so not worth it in my opinion.

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