Cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, everyone wants cheap cigarettes. In these tough economic times many people are having to cut out many luxuries like cigarettes from their budgets, aspects of their lives that were once common place are now beginning to be daily reminders of just how tough these times are. With many jobs going over seas and unemployment rates skyrocketing as high as they were in the early eighties nearing 11% which is incidentally are the two highest points of general unemployment since the census came into effect in the 1940’s, there’s a reason why America is becoming more frugal with it’s money and it’s purchasing of cigarettes. With growing salary cuts and mass layoffs the working class and general population is doing everything possible to survive these treacherous times.

However, one particular area of goods sales is not being hurt or even remotely hindered in this current economic struggle and that is the sale of cigarettes. With almost 46 million adult smokers in the United States the government has identified a specific category of tax payers called cigarette smokers in which they hope to milk for all their worth. It is widely known that nicotine dependency is one of the hardest addictive behaviors to abdicate. Cigarette smoking is so addictive and harmful to the body that it is responsible for more deaths yearly than all illegal substances combined. The federal government knows these statistics and has directly targeted cigarette smokers for their tax agendas. Since 2002 the average state cigarette tax has increased from 43 cents to 1.34 a pack, recently on Feb. 4, 2009 President Barack Obama signed into law a 62 cent increase in the federal cigarettes tax. What does this mean to you? Just wait. Two months later on Apr. 1, 2009 the federal cigarette tax was increased to 1.01 a pack. They want all the cigarette smokers they can get.

They know that increasing the cost of cigarettes will only force a small percentage of users to quit, but are likely to relapse from the addictive nature of the legal drug nicotine in cigarettes. So, what should we do? Quit? Cigarette smokers know that nobody likes a quitter. There are some ways to get around the inflated price of cigarettes in the United States, one can buy cheap cigarettes from a foreign tobacco sales outfit such as the cheap cigarette vendors online. There is a catch to this method of purchasing low cost cheap cigarettes, many online European vendors claim to sell their cigarette products cheaper as they are duty free cigarettes, meaning that they are sold from a bonded warehouse that is not subject to taxes in their country of origin. However, it is up to you to pay the cigarette taxes if you choose.

Remember that if you do make your cheap cigarette purchase online, you are supposed to notify your local state’s tax office. You live there and you shouldn’t avoid paying your state’s required cigarette sales taxes. If you don’t pay the required cigarette taxes and you get caught it could be quite costly to you and your savings. Online cheap cigarette vendors do state that they will not give out your information without your express consent, in the fine print however, they state that they will do so if they are court ordered. But, if you feel like taking a small risk to save that extra dollar the discounts can be great. The average U.S. price online for a carton of Camel Lights is 47.50 plus shipping, I recently purchased 3 cartons of the same cigarettes for 63.00 dollars shipped. Wow, what a difference. One last draw back to buying online cheap cigarettes from European vendors is the wait time which is approximately 2 3 weeks and quite often you have to pay buy electronic check. So let’s stop throwing money away that we don’t have. Below are some links to reputable vendors.

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